If Frangrances..

It was when I thought you worshipped me

Used to call me Goddess

Owner of your heart

Imprisoner of all your good parts

It was when you took pride in parading me

Before your very hungry adoring eyes

Calling me, Mine..

A thread of a voice, breaking with the weight of my name

On your trembling lips

It was when I made a vow

To dip my toes

Into the brackish waters, clear; only when light shone through

And gave you myself, as a guiding pole

It was when, when the good things were

Before the demons in your head accused me as the greater evil

When I thought you caressed my cheek a bit too hard

My eyes adjusting to the upside down room

A thud; a river of red

Did you know I was going to name him after you?

To call him Strength, Hope, Endless, Forever..

But the good parts are long gone

He will be Bittersweet or Maybe or..or..

Just a memory

Of Ifs, of way back When..


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